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S715 SportsArt Stepper

Call for Pricing

CALL FOR GSA PRICING SportsArt status series stepper are self-generating; no-outside power source required. The contact heart rate is standard and a wireless Polar� HR receiver is built in.

S775 SportsArt Trainer

$6 995.00

Pinnacle. Never has a cross trainer offered such incredible diversity. Users want variety. Personal Trainers require unique tools to achieve greater client results. Athletes seek power development.

S911 SportsArt Chin Dip

$3 795.00

CALL FOR GSA PRICING Chin-ups work your back muscles, the back of your shoulders and arms. Dips work the pushing muscles in your arms, the front of your shoulders, and offer some chest involvement. Adjustable and versatile, multi-function handle

S912 SportsArt Biceps Curl

$3 795.00

CALL FOR GSA PRICING. This product builds strength in the biceps. The exercise is performed from a sitting position. It involves extending and flexing the arm upwards at the elbow joint, using the handgrips on the two independent levers.

S915 SportsArt Chest Press

$4 395.00

This product builds strength in the pectoral and arm muscles.

S916 SportsArt Lat Pull Down

$3 795.00

CALL FOR GSA PRICING. This product builds strength in the latissimus dorsi and arm muscles. The exercise is performed along a guided trajectory and involves pulling the arms downwards.

S917 SportsArt Shoulder Press

$4 295.00

CALL FOR GSA PRICING. Specific product for working out the shoulders and arms. From a sitting position it involves extending the arms upwards with the hands gripping the two independent levers.

S918 SportsArt Low Row

$3 595.00

CALL FOR GSA PRICING. An all-around compound exercise, the seated cable row is very good at exercising your muscles in both the middle back as well as the arms.

SPORTS FLOORING 2 X 2 X 8mm SRIT2000 Speckled Grey Puzzle Tile


SPORTS FLOORING 2 X 2 X 8mm Speckled Grey Interlocking Puzzle Tile. $3.15 per sq ft. (NIKE GRIND) #SRIT2000

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Results 101 - 120 of 250